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Class Bundle: Breastfeeding for Expectant Parents and Breastfeeding Your Baby (0-12 Weeks)

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Two online, on-demand classes led by an IBCLC rated 5 stars. HSA / FSA Eligible. 30 Day Guarantee.

What Parents Say

"I am blown away by the amount of quality information that I learned in such a short amount of time." Jennifer D, Breastfeeding for Expectant Parents Class

"I wasn't sure if I should get the class, but I'm so glad I did. The pain I had when he latched is now way better, and I feel so much more informed about how I can make sure my milk supply is as good as it can be." Kyle E, Breastfeeding Your Baby 0-12 Weeks Class

What You Will Learn

Everything you need to know to breastfeed your baby with success

How to overcome common challenges and adjust to life with your new baby

How you'll know if breastfeeding is going well, and when to get help

Getting started with pumping and bottle fedding

And much more! You have nothing to lose with our 30 day guarantee

Grow Your Confidence Now

Don't wait. Getting a good start to breastfeeding in the first few weeks and days after birth are important for longer term success.

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